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Updated 19 July 2008

Spain and Portugal

Portuguese History

Johnson, Harold, ed.
Pelo Vaso Traseiro: Sodomy and Sodomites in Luso-Brazilian History edited by Harold Johnson (Fenestra Books, 2007). Collection of thirteen articles on the history of homosexuality in the Portuguese-speaking world. Includes an article by Harold Johnson "outing" Prince Henry the Navigator as a closet gay, and several articles by Luis Mott.
Mott, Luiz
"Justitia et Misericordia: A Inauizicao portuguesa e a repressao ao nefando pecado de sodomia", in A. Novinsky and M. L. Tucci Carneiro, Inauisicao: Ensaios sobre mentalidade, heresias e arte, Sao Paulo: Edusp, 1992, pp. 703-38.
Mott, Luiz and Assuncao, Aroldo
"Love's labors lost: Five letters from a seventeenth-century Portuguese sodomite", in Gerard and Hekma, The Pursuit of Sodomy (1989), 91-101.
Mott, Luiz
"Portuguese pleasures: The gay subculture in Portugal at the time of the Inquisition", Papers from the International Scientific Conference on Gay and Lesbian Studies: "Homosexuality: Which Homosexuality?" History: Vol. 1. Amsterdam: Free University, December 15-18, 1987. Pp. 85-96.

Spanish History

Bejel, Emilio
Gay Cuban Nation. University of Chicago Press, 2002.
Bergman, Emilie L. and Smith, Paul Julian (eds)
Entiendes!. Duke University Press, 1996. Essays on homosexuality in Spain, including history, and essays on Cervantes, Borges, Lorca, Mistral, Cherrie Moraga, and Rosa Montero.
Burshatin, Israel
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Carvajal, Fedeerico Garcia
Butterflies Will Burn: Prosecuting Sodomites in Early Modern Spain and Mexico (University of Texas Press, 2003)
Eisenberg, Daniel
Articles on Spain, Granada, (Sephardic) Jews, Juan II, Enrique IV, Antonio Pérez in Encyclopedia of Homosexuality ed. W. R. Dynes, 1990. Many of Eisenberg's articles on homosexuality in Spain are available at his website, notably "La escondida senda": Homosexuality in Spanish History and Culture PDF file
Lane, Erskine, trans.
In Praise of Boys: Moorish Poems from al-Andalus. San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1975.
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A History of the Inquisition in Spain, 4 vols. New York: Macmillan, 1922. (Chap. 16: "Unnatural Crime", vol. 4, pp. 361-77.)
Manrique, Jaime
Eminent Maricones About famous Hispanic gay men such as Manuel Puig, Reinaldo Arenas and Federico Garcia Lorca. Full text of Chapter One, and extract about Reinaldo Arenas.
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Homosexualidad Hoy. Barcelona: Editorial Herder, 1985.
Perry, Mary Elizabeth
Crime and Society in Early Modern Seville. Hanover, NH: University Presses of New England, 1980. (Including 300 sodomites burned at the stake, and a 17th-cent. female cross-dresser, Catalina de Erauso.
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Perry, Mary Elizabeth
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