Image of two men kissingHomosexuality in Eighteenth-Century England: A Sourcebook compiled by Rictor Norton

Homosexual Dream Symbolism

NOTE: The following excerpts come from a book on dream symbolism, indicating that some dreams have a homosexual meaning.

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Hare, become one  [means]  see your Son, that is, he becomes swift, fearful, or a Sodomite.

Lying carnally with Friends, [means] make some Bargain with him.

          Buggery with Insensibles, as Plants, Stones or Earth, Death.

Buggery with Persons. Males   shews of doing things absurd, and with great danger.
    "     With Emission of Seed, capital Punishment thereon.
    "     To others Strife and Deceit of the Devil.
    "     A pretty Boy shews of idle Pleasures, as Poetry, Chymistry, &c.

Lying.   Frigging foreshews ones lying with some Familiar.
    "     With ones Hand, lie with ones Maid.
    "     Another if you are a Schoolmaster, shews you teaching his Children.
    "         "     To others do some degenerate Office for them.

Engraving [of] Spanish Fly, [shews] an ungovernable barren Buggerer.
    "     Members privy in Hand, Chastity.

SOURCE: Lingua Tersancta: Or, a most Sure and Compleat Allegorick Dictionary to the Holy Language of the Spirit; Carefully and Faithfully expounding and illustrating all the several Word or Divine Symbols in Drea, Vision, and apparition, &c. By W. F. Esq; [i.e. Freke], Author of the New Jerusalem. London, Printed for the Author, and sold by E. Mallet near Fleet-bridge, 1703.

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