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An Account of the Turks

An Account of the Turks manner of Eating. They are much addicted to the cursed and unnatural Sin of Sodomy.

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When their Camp is setting forth, (of which in the next Chapter) then especially they are apt to drink. (i.e. the Soldiery) and are abominably Rude, insomuch that it is very dangerous for any Woman to walk in any By-place, but more dangerous for Boys, for they are extremely given to Sodomy; and therefore Care is taken that it be cried about the Town, That all People take care of their Wives and Children. And yet this horrible Sin of Sodomy is so far from being punish'd amongst them, that it is part of their ordinary Discourse to boast and brag of their detestable Actions of that kind. Tis common for Men to fall in Love with Boys, as tis here in England to be in Love with Women: And I have seen many when they have been drunk that have given themselves deep Gashes on their Arms with a Knife, saying, 'Tis for the Love they bear to such a Boy. There are many so addicted to this prodigious Sin, that they loath the Natural Use of the Woman; (such the Apostle inveighs against, Rom. I. 27.) And I assure you, That I have seen many that have had their Arms full of great Cuts, as so many Tokens of their Love (or rather worse than Bestial Lust) to such their Catamites. But this being so inhumane and unnatural a thing, I profess I am asham'd to enlarge further upon it, as I could. But what I could say on this Subject, must needs be disgustful to every modest and christian Reader; and therefore, I think, I am obliged to forbear: Only I crave leave to make this Reflection, viz. That Intemperance in Drinking hurries Men on to the worst of Vices; and tho' the Inclination of these hot People, and the Countenance that is given to such Crimes, are too great Incentives; yet, avoiding Intemperance, they would be less liable to them. [p.18].

SOURCE: Joseph Pitts, A True and Faithful Account of the Religion and Manners of the Mohammetans, 1704.

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