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Those Glorious Platonicks


Not far from hence you see a blended Troop of Gallants, who seem to take an Pride in feminine Airs, and who, by their Caresses and Fondness of each other, we should conclude, are those glorious PLATONICKS, who have contracted Friendships from Sympathy in Virtue, and are grown enamoured of internal Beauties. Did we know the secret debaucheries of these Intimadoes, we should be startled at the flagitious Epitome of Sodom. The most signal Difference is, that these are not nice enough to covet the Conversation of Angels. But let us get off from this Quarter of Impurity.

SOURCE: Weekly Journal or Saturday Post, Saturday, 26 January 1723 [i.e. 1724 new style).
NOTE: The "Conversation of Angels" is an allusion to the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah, when the men of Sodom wanted to have "conversation" with the angels who came to Lot's house.

Rictor Norton

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