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Molly Christenings

Trial of Julius Caesar Taylor

Julius Cesar Taylor was indicted for assaulting John Burgess with an Intent to commit that horrid and detestable Sin of Sodomy.

He was a second Time indicted for keeping a disorderly House, and entertaining wicked abandon'd Men, who commit sodomitical Practices.

It appear'd by the Depositions of divers Witnesses, That on the 15th of August last, the Prisoner was seen to sit on the Lap of John Burgess, when they committed such indecent and effeminate Actions, as are not to be mentioned; that the Company who resorted to his House, launch'd into such Extravagance, as was scarce ever heard of.

When any Member enter'd into their Society, he was christned by a female Name, and had a Quartern of Geneva [i.e. glass of gin] thrown in his Face; one was call'd Orange Deb, another Nel Guin, and a third Flying Horse Moll, and that the Prisoner was Accessary in these unnatural Actions. It appear'd likewise by the Depositions of several of the Neighbours, that the Prisoner kept a disorderly House, and he having none to appear for his Character, the Jury found him Guilty of the first Indictment, for keeping a disorderly House, and of the second Indictment, for an Assault upon the Body of John Burgess

Trial of John Burgess

John Burgess was indicted for assaulting Julius Cesar Taylor, with an Intent to commit that destestable Sin of Sodomy with the said Julius Cesar Taylor.

Thomas Holstone and Richard Blackwell severally depos'd, That they saw the Prisoner and Julius Cesar Taylor commit filthy lewd Actions, which will not bear mentioned to a modest Ear; that they appear'd equally pleas'd, Julius Cesar Taylor using undecent Gestures, and Burgess sufering them.

The Prisoner deny'd the Fact they charg'd him with, and call'd several to his Character.

Ann Zachary depos'd, That she had known him several Years, and that he never was suspected of Sodomy, but on the contrary, had the Character of a vertuous modest sober Man.

Katherine Maranda thus depos'd, I know the Prisoner to be an honest Man, and too fond of a pretty Girl, to fall into sodomitical Actions; and this I know by Experience, upon my Word, and my Oath, and my Honour.

Several others depos'd to the like Effect, but the Evidence of two Witnesses being positive, that they saw him in filthy ludicrous Actions, with Julius Cesar Taylor, at the House of the said Taylor in Tottenham-Court Road, on the 15th of August last, the Jury found him Guilty of the Assault.

* * *

Julius Caesar Taylor, for keeping a disorderly House, was fined ten Marks, and five Nobles, for an Assault on the Body of John Burgess, and ordered to give Security for his good Behaviour for one Year.

John Burgess, for an Assault on the Body of Julius Cesar Taylor was fined five Marks, and ordered to find Security for his good Behavior for six Months.

NOTE: See also News Reports for 1728, 24 August, 24 October, 26 October.

SOURCE: The Proceedings at the Sessions of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer for the City of London, and County of Middlesex. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday, being the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 21st, of October, 1728, in the Second Year of His Majesty's Reign. 1728.

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