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Newspaper Reports, 1734

Thursday, 14 February 1734

On Friday morning a duel was fought in Hyde-park between a young gentleman and a Colonel of the guards on account of the formerís appearing in an undecent habit the night before at the masquerade, whereupon the Colonel being on guard, obliged him to leave the ball room; the duel happily concluded with a few slight wounds received on both sides. D. A.It concluded more happily, being not only woundless, but intirely groundless. D.A. Feb. 12. (Grub-street Journal)

Thursday 19 September 1734

A Case happened this Week at Deptford in Kent, which deserves to be made Publick, as a Caution for innocent People to guard against designing Villains, viz. an Affidavit being made by direction before a Justice, That a Quaker, one of the Speakers of the Meeting-house there, had attempted to commit the Act of Sodomy upon him, and Warrant was granted to apprehend him: And the Accuser and Accused being carefully examined before several Justices of the Peace, and there being just Reason to suspect the Accuser, threatned to commit him to Maidstone Goal, but if he would confess the Truth, promised to discharge him; upon which he owned, That he was suborned by a Sum of Money to act that vile Part, and begging Pardon for it, was accordingly discharged: And his Confession being put into Writing, he signed it, and it was witnessed by above 30 persons present. (Caledonian Mercury)

Saturday 12 October 1734

On Wednesday Night last one of the late Domesticks of his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury (who we hear was some time since charged with Sodomitical Practices, and for want of a Character, had lain for some Time out of Business) cut his Throat from Ear to Ear, and in so desperate a Manner that he surviv’d his Misfortunate but a few Minutes. (Ipswich Journal)

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