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Newspaper Reports, 1738

NOTE: See also reports for Bristol

11 March 1738

On Thursday Mr. Serjeant Urling, Deputy-Recorder of this City, made his Report to his Majesty of the sixteen Malefactors now under Sentence of Death in Newgate; viz. . . . Samuel Taylor and John Berry, for Sodomy . . ., When his Majesty was graciously pleased to grant his most gracious Pardon to John Waterman; and to order Nathaniel Hillyard, Thomas Jenkins, James Cope, Mary Cook, and the two Sodomites, to be transported for 14 Years; . . . (Newcastle Courant)

23 March 1738

On Monday last died in Newgate, John Berry, one of the Persons who was convicted for Sodomy last Sessions. (Stamford Mercury)

Saturday 25 March 1738

Last Saturday the Assizes ended at Dorchester, . . . Edmund Atkins was sentenced to stand twice in the Pillory, two Market-Days, at Weymouth, for Sodomitical Practices, and to remain in Prison one Month. (Newcastle Courant)

1 April 1738

Last Week Samuel Taylor, condemn'd (but since repriev'd) last Sessions for committing Sodomy with John Berry, died in Newgate; as did also his Accomplice on the 13th of this Month. – It is happy for the Nation that such Wretches are cut off. (Newcastle Courant)

Thursday 27 April 1738

On Tuesday a Man well dress’d was beat, duck’d, &c. by some Gentleman’s Grooms in Hyde-Park, in such a Manner that his Life is in great Danger, on Suspicion of his being a Sodomite. (Stamford Mercury)

Saturday 3 June 1738

Gloucester, May 20. Last Week was committed to Oxford Goal, by John Lethnal, Esq; J. Foreshew, alias Fortescue, for Sodomitical Practices. (Newcastle Courant)

10 June 1738

Bristol, May 27. Yesterday was committed to newgate, a Soldier belonging to the Regiment quarter'd here, for actually committing the detestable Sin of Sodomy with a young Lad, whom he had decoy'd to lie with him at his Lodgings in the Pithay. The Boy has sworn to the Emission, which makes the Crime of a Capital Natuire. (Newcastle Courant)

28 September 1738

Bristol, Sept. 23. . . . The Execution of David Reid, for Sodomy, by violently forcing a Boy of 14, is respited by u a Reprieve that came down from one of the Principal Secretaries of State last Saturday Morning, which followed another that was in the Thursday's Mail when Robbed; so that had the Execution been on the usual Day, Friday, which was postponed on Account of electing a new Mayor and Sheriffs, it would have come too late, and he had certainly been tucked up, to the Satisfaction of the whole City. (Derby Mercury)

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