Image of two men kissingHomosexuality in Eighteenth-Century England: A Sourcebook compiled by Rictor Norton

Newspaper Reports, 1746

Thursday 22 May 1746

Samuel Prigg, a Pawnbroker and Plaisterer in Bell-lane, Spital-fields, for stabbing Thomas Garle with a Knife, in so barbarous a Manner that he died immediately; the Quarrel arose with their charging each other with Sodomitical Practices. (Stamford Mercury)

Thursday 18 September 1746

Yesterday one Richard Corbley, was committed to the Gatehouse, by Sir Thomas De Veil, for assaulting Abraham Spyke, a Messenger dispatched from the Right Hon. the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, with a Bag of Letters to the Post-Office for the Sea Ports, upon the King's Highway, a little after Ten o'Clock, giving him a great Blow on the Brest, and afterwards knocking him down with so great a force upon the Stones, that it split his Collar Bone, with another Man who made his Escape. There is some Suspicion that the Messenger was way lay'd to retard those Letters, which Suspicion was encreased by a Number of Persons watching near the Justices House for his coming out in order to rescue him, but that was prevented by a Guard of Soldiers, being sent to conduct him safe to Goal.
          The same Day a certain Tradesman, was committed to the same Place, by the same Gentleman, for Sodomitical Practices.
          We hear that on Monday last, at the Sessions at Hick’s-Hall, a Gentleman of Fortune, near 70 Year of Age was Sentenc’d to pay a Fine of 13s. 4d. and to suffer a Year’s Imprisonment, for attempting to commit Sodomy on his Foot Boy. – He stood on the Pillory at Chester thirty three Years ago for a Crime of the same Nature. (Stamford Mercury)

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