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Newspaper Reports, 1747

Tuesday 21 March 1747

Extract of a Letter from Gosport, March 11.

The Court Martial, mentioned in my last, was held on board his Majesty's Ship the Duke, in the Harbour, on Alley Ann Jeyors a Turk, belonging to his Majesty's Ship the Princessa, for Sodomy, committed on a Boy, on board the Royal George Man of War; he is sentencewd to receive 500 Lashes in the whole, from Ship to Ship, and to be towed on Shoar [sic] with Halter about his Neck. (Ipswich Journal)

Friday 14 August to Friday 21 August 1747

LONDON, August 15.
This Day a private Centinal of Col. Fitzroy's Company in the first Regiment of Foot-Guards, received 200 Lashes, being the last of 600 ordered him by a Court-martial, for Sodomitical Practices, and was drummed out of the Regiment with a Halter about his Neck. He was whipp'd on Thursday last on the Parade, where he received 200 Lashes. (Derby Mercury)

[Exact date unknown]

Last Friday Morning a Soldier was haltered on the Parade in St James's-Park, after which he received 500 Lashes, and was drummed out of the Regiment, quite to the Admiralty Gate, for being found guilty of Theft, and Sodomitical Practices, a Paper with those Crimes written thereon, being fixed upon him. (SOURCE: Newspaper cutting, with the handwritten date "1747", pasted into a copy of The Midnight-Ramble: or, The Adventures of Two Noble Females: Being A true and impartial Account of their late Excursion through the Streets of London and Westminster, London, 1754, British Library shelfmark

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