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Newspaper Reports, 1748

Saturday, 16 January 1748

Yesterday 7-night two Fellows were detected in committing Sodomitical Practices at a House in Hoxton, who were both immediately secured, in order for Examination. (Westminster Journal)

Sunday 10 March 1748

Extract of a Letter from Gosport, dated March 5.
Atwood, Hillman, and Mary Slade, were ordered for Transportation. Richard Scorey, Thomas Hendrick Sleeman, and John Lane, burnt in the Hand. George Britony to stand in the Pillory, for Sodomy.

4–7 June 1748

On Sunday Night a Man well-dressed was taken up in St. James's-Park, and carried to the Hole in Whitehall, for Sodomitical Practices. (Whitehall Evening Post)

Saturday 18 June 1748

Last Tuesday a Farmer's Servant at Bromley in Kent was detected by two Gentlemen in the abominable Sin of Sodomy with his Fellow Servant, who had them both secured and committed to the County Jail. (Ipswich Journal)

Saturday 6 August 1748

Cambridge, July 30. At the Assizes for this Town which began on Monday last, . . . Walter Stickwood, who was Prosecutor against Abraham Frost, indicted for House-breaking, and for a strong Attempt of committing Sodomy on the said Stickwood; but the Grand Jury not finding the Bill, a Bill was preferr'd upon the said Stickwood; who was found guilty of the Felony charged against the said Abraham Frost, and is to be transported for 7 Years. (Ipswich Journal)

Monday, 29 August 1748

Saturday Morning ... a Corporal belonging to the First Regiment of Foot Guards, was taken up for Sodomitical Practices; and he is to be tried To-morrow by a Special Court Martial. (General Advertiser)

9–12 September 1748

Friday a well-dres'd Man was taken up in the Green Park, St. James's, for attempting to commit Sodomy with a Corp;oral, who call'd the Guards going their Rounds, and carry'd him to the Guard-Room at St. James's.
          Saturday Morning one Gordon, an old Offender, was secured at a House in Brick Lane, charged with Sodomitical Practices. (Penny London Post)

Monday, 12 September 1748

Saturday Morning one Gordon, an old Offender, was secured at a House in Brick-lane, charged with Sodomitical Practices. (General Advertiser)

Saturday 15 October 1748

On Saturday last one Pedder, a Journeyman Barber out of Employment, preferr'd a Bill of Indictment, at the Quarter Sessions held for the City and Liberty of Westminster, against Richard Skadon, pretending an Assault and Attempt to commit Sodomy: But it appearing that the Prosecutor had charged the said Richard Skadon, with an Intent of extorting Money from him; and the Facts charged in the Indictment being improbable in their own Nature, as the Attempt was pretended to have been made in the publickest Places of all St. James's Park at a Time when it is most throng'd with Company: It also appearing, the said Pedder had immediately after gone to the Bridge Coffee-House, Palace-Yard, to drink with Mr. Skadon, without seeming in the least dissatisfied; and that the said Richard Skadon was well known to several Gentlemen on the Bench, and others there present, to be a Person of fair Character, the Grand Jury returned the Bill into Court Not found. (Ipswich Journal)

Friday 14 October 1748

Thomas Emmerson, alias Brown, alias James, who stiles himself a Surgeon at Richmond, who was convicted on Thursday last for Felony, and endeavoured to excuse himself, by the stale Trick of charging his Prosecutor with Sodomitical Practices, proves to be one of the Gang that went some time since to Windsor, on a party of Pleasure, with Carpenter, now in Reading Goal, for robbing Mr. Stephens of the Castle Tavern in Windsor, of his Watch. – It's hoped that all the rest of that Gang will soon meet with their proper Punishment. (Derby Mercury)

SOURCE: Newspapers as above, dates as given.

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