Newspaper Reports, 1762

Saturday, 29 May 1762

On Wednesday a Person was taken into Custody near St. Paul's and committed to Prison, on a charge of being concerned in Sodomitical Practices. (Ipswich Journal)

12 August 1762

LINCOLN, July 31. At the Assizes for this City, held before Sir Edward Clive, Knt. a Clergyman was indicted for an Attempt to commit a detestable Crime, when, after a long Trial, he was found guilty, and the following Sentence passed on him,, viz. to stand in the Pillory on Friday next, in the Market Place of this City, to be imprisoned two Years, to pay a Fine of 10l. and find Security for his good Behaviour. (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette)

18 October 1762

LEWES, Oct. 18.
On Wednesday and Saturday next, a Taylor at Rye in this County, will stand in the Pillory there, for sodomitical Practices; his Sweetheart made his Escape. (Sussex Advertiser)

Tuesday, 2 November 1762

Last Saturday a court-martial was held in Sheerness Harbour, on the boatswain of a ship, for an unnatdural crime with one of the fore-top men: it is the more a pity, he being otherwise a man of a very good character, and allowed to be a thorough seaman. For such an offence, in the martial law, Death is the word, without any mitigation. A man and a boy of 14 were hanged on board the Princess Royal about a twelvemonth ago for the same. (Gazetteer and London Daily Advertiser) (See reports for August 1761)

Thursday, 4 November 1762

Bristol, November 3.
Wednesday last at the Adjournment of the Sessions for this City and County, Patrick Abbott, for an Attempt of an unnatural Crime, was found Guilty, and sentenced to stand in and on the Pillory, to pay a Fine of 3s. 4d. and to be three Months confined in Newgate. (Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette)

In October 1762, a man named Shann, the 60-year-old master of a china shop, was convicted of attempted sodomy and sentenced to stand in the pillory, near the conduit on Cheapside. This resulted in the publication of a broadside ballad Molly Exalted.

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