Image of two men kissingHomosexuality in Eighteenth-Century England: A Sourcebook compiled by Rictor Norton

Newspaper Reports, 1775

Tuesday 4 April 1775

On Wednesday last the Assizes for this county ended . . . David Mersey, charged with an at tempt to commit Sodomy, pleaded guilty to four indictments, fined for each 6s. 8d. and to be imprisoned two years in York Castle. (Leeds Intelligencer)

8 May 1775

James Cross was found guilty of a sodomitical Attempt on Benjamin Banting, and sentenced for the same to be put twice in the pillory, for one hour each time, viz. on Monday the 3d, in which city, and on Wednesday the 17th at Andover. (Salisbury and Winchesteer Journal)

15 May 1775

James Cross, who stood on the pillory, on Wednesday se'nnight, for a sodomitical attempt on Benjamin Banting, as mentioned in our last, was very severely pelted by the mob, for full a quarter of an hour, not only with rotten eggs, apples, &c. but also large flint stones, with which he was so cut and bruised about the head, that had not the Mayor interfered, and with proper officers caused them to desist, 'tis thought they would have murdered him: if he recovers, and is well enough, he is to be set on the pillory again this day, at Andover, for the last time, where he ought to suffer his proper punishment, by standing an hour on the pillory, but is not to be stoned to death. (Salisbury and Winchester Journal)

22 May 1775

On Saturday the 13th instant James Cross stood on the pillory at Andover one hour, pursuant to his sentence at the last quarter sessions, for a sodomitical attempt, but had nothing thrown at him during the whole time, for which he was very thankful to the mob when he came down. (Salisbury and Winchester Journal)

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