The Georgian Underworld by Rictor Norton

A Study of Criminal Subcultures in Eighteenth-Century England by Rictor Norton


1          The Underworld & The Underclass
            The Criminal’s Progress
              Perceptions of the Cause of Crime
              Popular versus Elite Culture
              Crimes ‘Against Property’
2          Crime Waves
            Rising Crime Rates & The ‘Bloody Code’
              Rising Crime Rates
              The 'Bloody Code'
3          The Fight Against Crime
          The Reformation of Manners & The Fielding Brothers
              Crime Waves
              Moral reform campaigns
              Sir John Gonson vs. Moll Harvey
              The Fielding Brothers & the Bow Street Runners
4          The Geography of the Underworld
            From Rag Fair to Vauxhall Gardens
              Thieves’ Dens
              Rag Fair
              Bartholomew Fair
              Pleasure Gardens
5          A Case Study
            Chick Lane & The Black Boy Alley Gang
              The Black Boy Alley Gang
6          Criminal Fraternities
            Bad Company & The Royal Family
              Bad Company
              The Royal Family
              The Rogue’s Lexicon
7          Fencing, Pawnbroking & Organized Crime
            Spitalfields Jews, Snow Hill Pawnbrokers & Jonathan Wild, Thief-Taker General
              Jewish Fencing Networks
              Jonathan Wild
8          Highwaymen
            Jack Hawkins, Sixteen-String Jack & Gentleman James Maclean
              Gentlemen of the Road
              Jack Hawkins and his Gang
              Sixteen-String Jack
              James Mclean, Gentleman Highwayman
9          Footpads & Street Robbers
            St Giles’s Footpads & James Dalton’s Gang
              St Giles's Footpads
              James Dalton's Gang
10        Vagabonds & Beggars
            The King of the Gypsies & Slabbering Tom
              Bampfylde Moore Carew, King of the Gypsies
              Thomas Mitchell, ‘Slabbering Tom’
11        Pickpockets & Shoplifters
            Jenny Diver the Big-bellied Woman
              Jenny Diver
12        Coiners & Counterfeiters
            Mother Haycock & Coining Families
              A Network of Coining Families
13        Smugglers
            The Hawkhurst Gang & Thameside Pirates
              The Hawhurst Gang
              Theft on the Thames
14        Gambling, Boxing & Cock-Fighting
            The Sporting Fraternity
              Elite Sports: Gambling
              Popular Sports: Prize-fighting – Cock-fighting – Bear-baiting
15        Prostitution
            Mother Needham, Sally Salisbury & The Covent Garden Ladies
              Common Streetwalkers
              Prostitutes or Pickpockets?
              Solicitation and Bawdy-Houses
16        Homosexuality
            Mother Clap’s Molly House & Deputy Marshall Hitchin
              Cruising Grounds
              Molly Houses
              Deputy Marshall Hitchin & The Gay Underworld
17        The Underworld & Popular Culture
            Jack Sheppard & The Theatre of Tyburn
              The Public Stage of Hanging
              Jack Sheppard, Criminal Celebrity


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