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Newspaper Reports, 1736

Saturday 31 January 1736

On Thursday Sir Richard Brocas committed to Wood-street Compter a Man, for being catched with another, who made his Escape, in the very Act of Sodomy, last Wednesday Night in St. Paul’s Church-yard. (Newcastle Courant)

23 February 1736

Last Saturday Night twoMen were seized in the Passage by the Coiurt of Common Pleas in Westminster-hall, in the Act ofSodomy; but one foundMeans to make his Escape, and the other being carried before Justice Blackerby, was committed to the Gaehouse. (Daily Gazetteer)

Monday, 1 March 1736

Last Friday two Sodomites were discovered at a Pulick House in Newgate-street, by a Person who has made Oath before jusstice of the Peace that he saw them in the At; the Offenders who live in the Neighbourhood of Newgate Market thought proper to asbscond. (London Daily Post)

24 July 1736

Committed to Newgate, since our last, Thomas Palmer, for attempting to extort Five Guineas from Thomas Freeman, under that false Pretence of threatning to swear Sodomy against him. (Newcastle Courant)

19 August 1736

On Thursday Mitchell and Hart, who had been convicted of Perjury, the one in swearing a Robbery, and the other an Attempt to commit Sodomy against Persons, in order to extort Money, ,stood in the Pillory for a second time, pursuant to their Sentence, in Covent-Garden, and the other in Long-Acre. (Stamford Mercury)

Saturday, 11 September 1736

Yesterday 12 Prisoners were tried at the Old-Baily, three whereof were cast for Transportation, and 18 Acquitted.
          Among the latter were a Newgate-Market Butcher and a Pig Man, for Sodomy. (London Daily Post)

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